Inission AB has reduced its holding in Incap Corporation’s shares 1/07/16
As announced previously, Inission AB has in June 2016 acquired the Swedish contract manufacturer Onrox Group. In order to finance the acquisition, Inission AB has sold part of its ... Read more »
Börje Nilsson & Lennart Melin
Inission invest in a completely new surface assembly line 30/06/16
Börje Nilsson, CEO, and Lennart Melin, Technology & Marketing manager at Inissions factory in Borås. On June 14, 2016 Inission acquired Onrox Group. Onrox Group included a... Read more »
Inission - onrox
Inission acquires Onrox Group and make its biggest deal ever 14/06/16
From the left. Fredrik Berghel, Olle Hulteberg and Peter Svensson. Inissions strategy is to grow through acquisitions, and thus become one of the larger EMS players in the Nordi... Read more »
Business Sweden
Achieve your full international potential 27/05/16
We have for long understood that a good product is a good product, regardless of the market. There is actually not much difference between here and there. In our quest to have the ... Read more »
Inissions acquisition of SKEAB Elektronik AB is completed 20/04/16
According to the agreement signed February 26, 2016 access would be made only after a complete and thorough analysis, a so-called due diligence, of SKEAB Electronics AB. The due di... Read more »
Peter Lindegren
Peter Lindegren, Inissions new Chief Purchasing Officier 1/02/16
Peter Lindegren is the new Chief Purchasing Officier at Inission. Peter comes from Karlstad and is a trained mechanical engineer with extensive knowledge and long experience in pur... Read more »

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