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Jan Wikström, new Sales Manager at Inission Munkfors AB 3/01/17
Inission Munkfors AB has since November a new Sales Manager. He is called Jan Wikström and grew up in Råda, a few kilometres north of Munkfors, but has since 1994 lived in Sunne.... Read more »
Welcome Inission Malmö AB 25/10/16
In June 2016 Inission bought Onrox Group. The group included Onrox Malmö, a complete production plant that is resource-efficient, large-scale and has a geographically advantageous... Read more »
Ali Ebrahimi, Inission Triabs new Production Manager 20/09/16
Inission Triab has a new Production Manager since April. It is the former Scania employee Ali Ebrahimi who have taken over the role. He describes himself as calm, structured and ti... Read more »
Inission strengthens its offer in Western Sweden when Inission Göteborg moves to Onrox Borås 19/08/16
The merger of Inissions activities in Sösdala and Malmö has just begun. Now Inissions board announces that in the fall Inission will also begin the merger of their operations in ... Read more »
Inission at Subcontracting fair in Tampere, Finland, 27-29 of September 18/08/16
This year Inission has decided to participate in the Subcontracing fair in Tampere, Finland during 27. – 29. of September. Inission started direct sales in Finland during 2014 an... Read more »
Stefan Jönsson new CEO at Onrox Malmö 15/08/16
The Board of Onrox Malmö has appointed Stefan Jönsson as new CEO. Stefan starts today, 15 August 2016. Stefan Jönsson has since January 2016 been working as Inission's sales man... Read more »
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