MedArt more flexible with Inission

MedArt supplies advanced technical equipment for cosmetic surgery and has been working with Inission since 2009. Openness and the close collaboration are two of the reasons why MedArt chose Inission.


MedArt is based in Copenhagen, where it produces compact lasers for cosmetic surgery. They operate in an industry characterised by uneven demand and requirements on extremely short lead times to delivery.

Inission maximises customer benefit

-We chose Inission to minimise our capital tied up, which can only be achieved through a joint endeavour to adapt deliveries to demand, says Magnus Blixt of MedArt. We can convey the kind of demands the market is placing on us, and we then work with Inission to develop a solution that matches these requirements. Inission takes responsibility for the whole chain from sourcing to delivery, which means we can increase our flexibility on the market and win new business for ourselves.

Openness in communication

-In our market, close, committed customer contact is vital, Magnus Blixt continues. It’s important that we as the customer are given information on how things are progressing so that we can act based on reliable information. Inission is open in all respects and they communicate with us both with positive and negative information.