About HY-Tech Comp Oy 9/07/20
Pekka Väyrynen, CEO HY-Tech Comp Oy In order to strengthen our position as a complete contract manufacturer, Inission acquired HY-Tech Comp Oy at the end of February 2020. HY-Tec... LÄS MER »
Gunilla Ringström – Finance & HR Manager at Inission Borås 22/06/20
For several years you have met some of the people behind Inission through short presentations on our website. So far, it has mainly been new employees that have been highlighted, b... LÄS MER »
Inission shows flexibility when Breas medical AB triples their order 4/06/20
In response to a sharp increase in demand from one of our key partners, Inission has in a short time redeployed both expertise and production capacity to Inission Borås. The deal ... LÄS MER »
Inission establishes in Finland by acquiring 100% of HY-Tech Comp Oy specialized in mechanics, electronics and electro mechanics 26/02/20
Fr. l. Pauli Kulvik Helmet Capital, Sampo Ahonen Helmet Capital, Fredrik Berghel Inission and Olle Hulteberg Inission Inission has signed an agreement to acquire 100% ownership o... LÄS MER »
Inission Tallinn has received Digital Diagnostics support from EAS 1/11/19
Inission Tallinn OÜ has received support from Enterprise Estonia (EAS) for Digital Diagnostics as part of an industrial digitalization project. What is Digital Diagnostics? ... LÄS MER »
Inission Tallinn team took part in the marathon at distance of 10 km 19/09/19
Tallinn is the capital of sporting events. Several different types of marathons are held here annually. In 2019 Estonia celebrated the 20th year anniversary of Tallinn marathon ... LÄS MER »
Mikael Liljemark new Purchasing Manager at Inission Munkfors 6/07/19
Mikael Liljemark has been Head of Purchasing at Inission Munkfors since the beginning of May. Mikael most recently comes from Uddeholm where he worked as head of the strategic purc... LÄS MER »
WTS Positioning Solutions AB moves its production from China to Inission 4/07/19
From the left: Michel Bracké and Fredric Grahn WTS Positioning Solutions AB has chosen Inission Stockholm as its supplier over its former Chinese partner. WTS Positioning Solut... LÄS MER »
Newly certified employees at Inission Munkfors 4/06/19
Inission Munkfors has recently invested heavily in training its employees to solder and assess the durability and quality of the soldering according to the quality class that the c... LÄS MER »
Inission launches Inission Academy to ensure continued development and growth 27/05/19
Inission was launched in 2011 and has since grown successfully from revenue of about SEK 200 million to almost one billion. Much of our success depends on the commitment and expert... LÄS MER »