Handicare AB moved their manufacturing from China to Inission Mikromakarna 22/04/15
Swedish Handicare AB, a subsidiary of Norwegian Handicare AS which is one of Europe’s leading tool company, signed a contract for manufacturing at Inission MikroMakarna. Hand... Read more »
Inission a part of EcoGuards expansion 23/08/12
EcoGuard is the largest provider of wireless distribution measurement in multi-family dwellings. Using their system, heating, electricity, water and also the temperature can be mea... Read more »
Successful collaboration with Movimento 19/04/12
Movimento is a global company with offices in North America and Europe, which develops and markets systems for vehicle diagnostics. Major customers include Volvo and Renault. Iniss... Read more »
Megger and Inission – a success story 22/12/11
Background Megger is a leading global manufacturer and supplier of test and measuring equipment for the electrical power industry and for electric installations. Cooperation with ... Read more »
Anders Ehn Rettig Sweden
Rettig Sweden AB 20/09/11
Customer contact is crucial to Rettig Sweden AB Rettig Sweden AB is located in Järpås, near Lidköping. It is a company within the Rettig Group and manufactures electric oil-fil... Read more »
MedArt more flexible with Inission 4/07/11
MedArt supplies advanced technical equipment for cosmetic surgery and has been working with Inission since 2009. Openness and the close collaboration are two of the reasons why Med... Read more »
Inission Rolls Royce
Resources freed at Rolls-Royce 2/06/11
Inission frees up resources at Rolls-Royce Kamewa in Kristinehamn started a collaboration with what was then EDC back in 1984. Since then, Kamewa has become Rolls-Royce, and the c... Read more »