Avoid bottlenecks, speed bumps and complicated administration.

Let Inission take care of the entire logistics chain. After all, we offer unrivalled delivery precision. We have given the term greater meaning than just calendar days and times. We believe that delivery precision is just as much about quality and price.

Integrated distribution

Our precision tells us that we are doing the right thing by considering the process as a whole, rather than just the stage we are in at the time. As a total supplier we have a responsibility for the product’s entire life cycle. This means that we place a strong focus on resolving a product’s logistics in the best possible way.

At Inission we are accustomed to working with integrated logistics; in other words we take care of distribution directly to the customer’s customer. This, coupled with our unique service for order administration, automates a flow that would otherwise take up your valuable time and energy.

More efficient complaint and return management

Integrated distribution is also a major benefit if a product were ever to have a fault or need a repair. We already have all the order information and can receive returned products quickly and efficiently, and handle them faster. In other words, Inission can reduce lead times should something go wrong.

Buffer stock

Our customers can always build up a stock of finished products in case something unexpected happens. But of course the unexpected could also be something positive.