From good idea to finished product.

Inission offers development services which aim to reduce the time to market and optimise the relationship between lead times and economy. Inission collaborates with several development partners that specialise in the design and development of electronic products. Together with our partners we can ensure that development work runs as efficiently as possible.

The right conditions for your product

The development phase of a product’s life cycle is about transforming an idea into a finished product, ready for serial production. Development takes place in several parallel tracks:

The logistical flow of components and finished units is secured. We use tried and tested methods to identify the best conceivable balance between lead times and economy. We place great emphasis on finding the right subcontractors for the assignment, and for assuring the optimum overall economy for the project. During the development phase we also handle industrialisation of the product.

Each product has to be tested, tested and tested again to ensure it works as intended. As the products are unique, the tests have to be unique and developed specifically for each new product.

When we manufacture the product, we develop prototypes and carry out test runs, and these are then evolved and tested until they meet your expectations – or preferably even exceed them thanks to the development opportunities we have discovered along the way.

Transfer projects

When we take over a project that is already in serial production, we start a transfer project, which in many respects is similar to developing a new product. The main aim is to ensure that we understand the product and the logistical flow as well as if we had developed it ourselves. With several successful transfer projects behind us, we can offer a seamless transfer without disruptions while we can also identify potential improvements and efficiencies.

Further refinement

At Inission we strive always to be at the forefront. This also applies to the products we make for you. If we see an opportunity to make a product better, more efficient or safer, we will always suggest the necessary measures. Developing existing products is therefore a natural part of our proposition. Read more about how we ensure a good future for your product under Life cycle guarantee.

Our development partners

SCS, EUC and Berotec