Future-proof your products.

Electronic products have a long life span. This is possible because we develop, refine and provide service along the way. Inission therefore offers services to ensure that what we produce provides the best conceivable benefit and total economy over the entire life cycle. We call this our life cycle guarantee.

We describe ourselves as a total supplier. This means that we want to have an overview of the entire production process – from the initial sketch until the product is phased out and replaced. We therefore offer services that further simplify and streamline the process for you the customer. We have several services linked with development, production and logistics, which we like to integrate in a long-term, in-depth collaboration.

Spare parts and repairs

We make sure that your products perform at their best for their entire life cycle – whether that be five, ten or fifteen years. When they are needed, we have the spare parts and can take care of repairs.

Sometimes a crucial component might stop being produced by the manufacturer. If so, Inission acts swiftly to ensure series production continues without awkward delays. We find replacement components, calculate what the change of supplier entails, and integrate the new component into the work flow.

Further development and phasing out

Technology advances at an incredible rate. Sooner or later any electronic product will be overtaken by something newer. Inission helps you retain your competitiveness by keeping up with developments, actively seeking potential upgrades and improvements, and suggesting modifications to your product.

Economic efficiency

At Inission we consider it our responsibility as a total supplier to ensure the economy of a project is optimised, from beginning to end. As part of our development of new products, we therefore offer a total economic review of all stages of the project – from our subcontractors right up to the customer’s customer. We can therefore propose modifications in the pricing or the logistics chain, which ultimately benefit all parties involved.

Order management

You can outsource all your complex, time-consuming order administration with us. We receive orders and ensure they are quickly and efficiently incorporated in our order process. We then deliver to the customer – and you take all the praise for the swift service.