Your success – no obsolete material

At Inission, we want the most satisfied customers. That is our mission and what we strive for every day. We continuously develop and realise new plans and activities, which provide value to our customers. We now launch INXS, the solution to one of the classical hot potatoes of the industry. The last thing a customer wants when a product reaches end of life is an invoice for obsolete components. With INXS we optimise the use of the components and should there be any obsolete components we will handle that without cost to the customer. The only thing we demand in return is structure and things kept in order. Exactly as our customers expect from us.

Kept in order – how?

More specifically, we need demand forecasts and reasonable heads up prior to a product’s end of life. That is what we call keeping things in order. Apart from that we are certain both parties want a long-term commitment in ambitions.

But are there exceptions? Yes, there may be specific components that may need to be excluded. This is something we will investigate for each specific product. With these simple pre-requisites fulfilled we are secure enough in our logistical set up to claim, ”if there are obsolete components at end of life of a product, we will bear the cost”.