Optimised series production for the Nordic market.

Manufacturing complete electronics products is, of course, the core of what we do. Our production facilities boast an advanced, updated fleet of machinery adapted to our customers’ needs.

Modern, efficient production

At our facilities in Stockholm, Västerås, Borås, Munkfors, Malmö, Trondheim and Tallinn, we work with all stages of the production process for advanced industrial electronics:

  • Surface mount
  • Station-oriented, semi-automatic mount
  • Wave soldering
  • Final assembly
  • Finishing

Each product is unique and requires meticulous adaptation and optimisation of the production process. We inspect the products after each stage (both manual inspection and Automatic Optical Inspection) and carry out function tests after assembly.

Flexibility is crucial

We are proud of our flexibility and high service capability. We know that circumstances can change quickly – and at Inission we are ready to act just as quickly when they do. Thanks to our long experience of electronics production, we have solved many production problems for our customers.

Traceability minimises fault sources

We are careful to use standardised work stages along with a well-developed traceability system to systematically detect, isolate and work through any fault sources. This method is part of our overall endeavour to continuously improve our processes.