See the whole – secure the parts.

Sourcing is one of the most crucial aspects of our process. Inission has extensive experience of analysing, evaluating and negotiating with main suppliers and sub-suppliers to secure the flow of components without disruptions or stoppages.

Balance between price and performance

We think that suppliers and producers should work more closely with each other to secure a better, more seamless flow, and to be able to offer the very best total economy in a project. Price and lead times are by far the most common negotiation areas, and focusing strongly on just one of them can have both advantages and drawbacks. We think that all parties in the chain benefit from balancing lead times and prices to ensure that the product’s entire life cycle is as cost effective as possible.

Let Inission lighten your load

As a total supplier, Inission incorporates sourcing of components in the chain of services we can offer. This also means that sourcing becomes a natural part of the whole, one that not only affects development and production, but also continued supply and spare parts management. We also like to link sourcing with other services that assure your product’s future.